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Discover Egypt

"Egypt" I bet you have transported yourself into your Dream to the ancient land of Pharaohs, Mummies, Pyramid, and The Magical River Nile. Millennia-old monuments sit along the Nile River Valley, including Giza's colossal Pyramids and Great Sphinx as well as Luxor's hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the King's tombs. Egypt is Linking North East Africa with the Middle East. Cairo is the capital of Egypt. Egypt offers a variety of sightseeing and entertainment option to visitors. While Egypt is not only about the Historical sights of Pyramids Sailing along the Nile Valley is also one major attraction to the tourists, While cruising Through the Nile you might just unravel some Mystery of Ancient Times. Explore our Specially Curated Egypt Itinerary which is designed for your so you can cover the most important and best of the country and just skip those little things which might not be that so important.
Book your Egypt Holiday with Highway Dreams international or Just ask us for your customization.

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