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 Hiking in Nature

Discover Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its Beaches, Rainforest, and mixed cultures influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European, travel around Malaysia to explore the gems of the country, from beautiful beaches in Borneo, and Langkawi, to the historical town of Penang, from the serene top of Cameroon Highland to the theme park of Genting Highland, every part of Malaysia is unique. Highway Dreams International has presented some of the most visiting places on the itinerary for your reference, but we always want our clients to escape the ordinary, hence our specialty is to provide you the highly customized tours where you will explore the less explored places. we can feed your adrenaline if you are up for an adventure. other than the mentioned itinerary Malaysia has a lot of things to offer, be ready to become amazed by the clear blue sea and white sandy beach, and the lush green forest of "Palau Rawa" rich in marine life will attract you to go for a snorkeling trip and to get personal with the marine realm, The island of Sipadan often known as the dreams destination for people willing to explore oceanic life, you will never get enough of this rich ocean life even going scuba diving multiple times if you want to go Hiking in Malaysia, then Mount Kinabalu the Highest peak of Borneo's Crocker range is the best place, bath into the hot spring, Go for a canopy walk, visit the botanical garden in Kinabalu Park see some exotic flowers and plants thrive in the park if you are a photography enthusiast be sure to Pack your camera with an extra memory card as Malaysia will surely fill your cameras memory drive.

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