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Explore central India

From the Devine Amarkantak to The Royal Bandhavgarh, or Spellbinding Bedhaghat, Madhya Pradesh is on a true sense The heart of India. Well known for Hindu pilgrimage Amarkantak is popularly know as Teerthraj or King of Pilgrimage,the city is rich for its geographical and natural aspect. It is the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura Ranges, with the Maikal Hills being the prominent one among them, The surrounding  forests of  Amarkantak have a rich variety of plants with medicinal properties, which make it extremely significant from an ecological point of view. some of most important waterfalls are Kalip Dhara, Dugdh Dhara, Narmada Udgam are a must visit, The Narmada Udgam temple is the most visites Place is Amarkantak, The Holy River Narmada along with Sone and Johila emerges from Amarkantak and Narmada can be seen at The Narmada Udgam temple. When on the Other Hand  you have heritage sights like Bhimbaithka, Sanchi Stupa,  orcha, Khajuraho  at treat to eyes of the History lovers. Explore central India with Highway Dreams International and book your very own customized Holiday with us

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