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Explore East India

Eastern Part of India consisting of the West Bengal Odisha Bihar, Jharkhand and The Unition territory of Andaman and Nicobar Island is a Cocktail of Geographical and Cultural practices. The Tropic of cancer Passes through Purulia Bardhhaman, Bankura but Mainly it is the District of Nadia. Hence these places are generally hot and dry, where the climate of the Bay of Bengal is dominated by the monsoons. The state with tropical savannah in the southern portions of the state, to humid subtropical areas in the north has a Year around holiday destination, from the Mighty Himalayas to the sea beaches to the world’s largest area of Mangrove Forest Sundarbans situated in the delta formed by the Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna River in Bay of Bengal, which also called the forest of Asia.

Where Bihar is very much famous for its Buddhist circuit and mouth-watering foods. Jharkhand carries old-world charms and is famous for its waterfalls and Jain temples at Parasnath Hill.

While traveling to the eastern part of India you will come across a wide range of destinations and activities.

Explore from our some of the Jewels of East India tours to plan your next Indian travel Package or contact us to get your very own customized Indian holiday package.

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