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Explore North East India

The North Eastern Region of India or the seven sisters state are Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Manipur, also Sikkim is the part of the same region too. Assam is Most developed in This region with cities like Guwahati being the economic capital of Assam, and most popular tourist place other than Kaziranga famous for One horn Rhinos and The biggest River island Majuli will keep you mesmerized.

Meghalaya or The house of clouds, explore the tranquility of the Khasi hills, garo hills, jainta hills and  Shillong. Be amazed with the living rout bridges,

Explore Tripura where the cultural cross-currents which unite the people in a spirit of amity and harmony. The undulating hellscape of the state-sixty percent of the Tripura’s territory is still covered with lush greenery of forest-resonate with the traditional tribal music and dances on ceremonial occasions

Popularly known as the ‘Land of Dawn-lit-Mountains’, Arunachal Pradesh is India’s remotest state and the first Indian soil to greet the rising sun. Located on the northeastern tip of India with its borders touching China, Bhutan, and Burma (Myanmar), this beautiful land is endowed with a dazzling array of flora and fauna that is sure to allure any tourist. More than 500 rare species of Orchids are found in the dense jungles of Arunachal. Affluent in natural as well as cultural beauty, the state boasts of rather unconventional ways to display its rich heritage. Manipur takes pride in honouring its wars and struggle for freedom through memorials and various other sites. Manipur is home to a diverse indigenous group of people, each unique in their culture and dialect. From the globally acclaimed Manipuri dance to the ancient form of martial arts Thang Ta and the various forms of folk dances and music, Manipur the jewelled land has lots to offer to a visitor. A land engulfed in mystery, inhabited by vibrant people zealously guarding their culture – dancers, warriors, head-hunters; mountains, valleys, forests – all these forms the portrait of Nagaland the moment the word is uttered. Mountains, Monasteries trekking, Cuisine if you want to experience all together then Sikkim is the ideal place for you. If you believe in Nature magic then you really need to visit the Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim. Located at the towering height of 17,100ft, this lake is the best example of tranquillity one attains on a magical place. Nestled amidst snow-covered mountains, it is highly sacred for both the Hindus and the Buddhist. Or vist Zuluk one of the Historic Silk route from Tibet to India.Explore North east with highway Dreams International or get your own tour customized with us

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