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Explore West India

The western region of India consists of states like Gujrat, Goa, Maharashtra, and the Union territories of Daman and Diu. Where Goa has no need of introduction amongst tourist and travel enthusiasts you have lots of less explored Jewels in Goa, then there is state like Maharashtra which has a perfect Combination of Hills, sea beachs, Forests, Forts Historical monuments, Pilgrimage and caves, The state of Gujrat is very much well known for Asiatic Lions in The Gir Reserve forest, with more than 200 ancient Historical sites and Museums and Buddhist circuit Gujrat is open to offer a unique balanced travel experience to people willing to explore.

Sea food is the main specialty of Diu. Lobster, fish and crabs are the most in demand delicacies for the non-vegetarians. Majority of restaurants are popular for Gujarati and Portuguese cuisines. Parsee, South Indian, Punjabi and Chinese food are the other specialties of Diu.

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